About Shirley Marcus,

initiator of numerous fitness techniques

Born from an American father & a French mother

A passionate coach and a professional trainer, she played

a fundamental role in the evolution of fitness in France and Europe.

She trained in the PILATES method at Boulder School, Colorado, 

for all levels and on all apparatus.

She's always eager to learn, to progress and meet the specific demands of her students. Her passion led her to be a precursor

for the best alternative methods, standing at the forefront

rather than following traditional methods.

That's why she did not hesitate to call on

one of the best fasciatherapists, physiotherapists and energeticians

in Chinese medicine to create for her

the most accomplished method, called ROLLNESS

Since then, she discovers and opens to spiritual and energetic matters, which gives her today, thanks to the guidance of her own mentor,

 to be at the top of her shape.

Although she still teaches in California where she lives today, it is the development of these methods and the transmission of

everything she has acquired that matters to her now.


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Wellness magazine in France

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