Cleansing the body with the lemon cure

Lemons are the best ingredients to cleanse and to give full vitality to the body.

Your can try this recipe:

First day: One lemon juice

Second day: Two lemon juice

etc.... up to:

Twelfth day: Twelve lemon juice

then go back down to:

Eleventh day: Eleven lemon juice

Tenth day: Ten lemon juice, etc... down to three lemons each day for another seven days.

You can drink these mixed with tea and a bit of honey or mixed in a salad dressing, all along the day.

TIPS: Prepare to have enough lemons for a few days especially when it comes to the 12th day!

I usually squeezed the lemons for the day in the morning and keep the juice in a little bottle, so I can pour this lemon juice all along the day.

You will really feel the energy level up! as well as a good prevention for colds symptoms.

If this quantity does not suit you, you can go up to 6 lemons or how many your maximum is.

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